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About CustomHaus

About CustomHaus Camper Van Conversion Specialists, Swindon, Wiltshire & Beyond

We build the dream so you can make the memories

We’re a family-run business with over 20 years of experience turning camper van dreams into reality. Our tight-knit team of structural automotive technicians, craftsmen and specialist trades deliver exceptional personal service from our first conversation to delivery. Our business lives and breathes old-school values like up-front honesty, high standards and first-class service. At our heart is a team that cares about people and the camper van community. Our shared passion for cars and vans and our innovative approach means we love to challenge ourselves with fresh ideas and exciting projects like mobile barber shops, snack vans and even vans to house drones!


Our expert team have decades of experience repairing and restoring vehicles – everything from rare vintage cars to Teslas, modern supercars and camper vans. We also consult on repair processes for leading manufacturers (some only send their vehicles to us) and are one of the UK’s most qualified structural repair technicians. In other words, you and your van are in very safe hands with us.


Here’s a bit about our team who you’ll be working with on your van build journey

Together, we lead the way in customer service, problem-solving and workmanship quality.


Whether we’re repairing, building or modifying your van, your needs come first. We’re always on hand to listen and offer advice, and we’re not afraid to tell you – in the nicest possible way – when something won’t work.
We’ll take you and your van on the build journey with us. And, for however long it takes, we’ll be part of your camper van family – which often extends to long after we’ve built and delivered your van.


We know our stuff when it comes to camper vans. That’s why our customers feel comfortable and confident that we’ll do a great job. We’re respectful, friendly, straight-talking, and won’t ever baffle you with tech speak.
Everything we do is first-rate. We’re highly-skilled, safety-conscious and quality-driven. We care about you and the dream we are creating for you. Once you’ve been to see us, we’re confident you won’t go anywhere else.

Our Brand Values

We’re a small family-run company with a highly skilled team of technicians and trades who aim to create a build that looks great and, above all, is safe.

Safety First

At CustomHaus, safety and quality always come first. We treat every project as if it’s for our own family. Our commitment to safety isn’t just a value – it’s a promise.

We’re a family-run camper van conversion business that puts your family’s well-being above everything else. Our skilled craftsmen and trained engineers work hard to make sure every conversion is built with safety in mind.

We use only the highest quality parts from reputable suppliers and only partner with suppliers we trust.

Our attention to detail and rigorous safety knowledge and checks mean that when you hit the road, you can have complete confidence in the safety of your van and your loved ones.

Up Front Honesty

From the moment you talk to us to the day you hit the road, we want you to feel confident and excited about working with us.

Our commitment to honesty and transparency means that what you see is exactly what you get. No hidden surprises, no unnecessary work. Just simple, honest advice.

We only do the work you need. And we don’t hard sell. In fact, if you don’t need it to achieve what you want, we’ll tell you.

Our commitment to honesty runs all the way through our business, from the way we quote and communicate to the way we deliver your build and aftercare service.

Our straightforward approach means you’ll have a clear understanding of what goes into your build.

When we quote, you don’t just get an email with a list of parts and a price at the bottom. Each quote clearly explains what we’ve recommended and why, shows what products and fittings are being used, and lists their prices. So you can see exactly what will go into your conversion or customisation.

Most of all, we’re a friendly and inclusive bunch, so when you come to see us, you’ll get a warm welcome.


We innovate to make vans better. Our team aren’t just skilled in what they do; they also think outside the box and love a challenge. Whether you want to take your business on the road, go eco-friendly, or create something unusual, we’re game!

We’re all about fresh ideas and regularly team up with fellow van-loving businesses to design and build cool new projects.

We’re one of the only converters experienced at creating fully electric camper vans that are kind to the environment. Karl’s extensive experience working with Tesla cars and our friends at We Are EV.
Our vans are used by universities for field trips and entrepreneurs, like barbers and bakers, who take their services on the road.

Community Led

As a family business with a tight-knit team, our shared passion for cars and vans influences everything we do. We know just about everyone in the trade, and we are regular visitors to festivals and clubs and regularly host open days. 

We are well-respected in the camper van community and understand that when you choose us for your camper van conversion it’s not ‘all’ about the van – it’s about the dreams you’ll make and the memories you’ll create in that van.

We live and breathe camper vans, and everything we do is informed by the community we serve.

We’re not just in the business of converting camper vans; we’re all about building dreams, making connections, and creating memories that last a lifetime. 

Our Mission

We believe everyone deserves to experience the freedom that owning a camper van brings. Whether your van is your business or your holiday home, we help you create an innovative, safe, quality build so you can relax and enjoy life on the road.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the UK’s leading specialist camper Van conversion business and the go-to place for conversions, modifications, and high-quality paint and bodywork. Our highly skilled team of technicians and craftspeople are experienced in most makes, models and vans, and our service extends to car body repairs, paint and modifications.

We are a trusted part of the van community, and our reputation for being the best at what we do means we have an incredible following of happy customers and raving fans.

We’re all about old-school values when it comes to customer care, with safety, quality and up-front honesty being at the heart of everything we do.

We aim to raise the standard in the automotive industry by role-modelling an open, transparent and inclusive experience where everyone can come and feel comfortable and welcome.

Everyone in our team is passionate about being part of the van community, and we are committed to making our HQ a great place to work: a place where we can use our talents, grow as individuals and make a difference. We want to inspire the younger generation to join the trade by offering job opportunities and apprenticeships.

We understand that your pride and joy is not just a vehicle; it’s often a passion project or a dream trip with your family. Whatever the meaning or purpose behind your build, we listen to your story and work with you to build something special. It’s a journey, and from the moment you find us to the moment you hit the road and beyond, team Customhaus want to be on it with you.