Camper Van Interiors

Customhaus Interiors

Experts in designing & fitting practical, comfortable Interiors for your Custom Van Conversions

There’s a vast array of van furniture designs, from removable pods, side and rear slide-out units, and traditional side kitchens to full living, sleeping, and toilet and shower layouts. We also design and build commercial setups. We’ve helped barbers, bakers, and professional bikers take their trades on the road.

If you are looking for that perfect van interior, we can help.

Dream Camper Van Interiors

We fit and customise units from trusted furniture suppliers and make our own bespoke designs, so whatever your dream layout we can help.

Ply lining, carpeting & flooring

One of the main elements that sets a great camper Van or day van apart from the others is the quality of the base fit out of your van.

We only use top-quality material, which we source in bulk to keep the cost the same as middle-of-the-road alternatives. We pair this with high-temperature, automotive-grade spray adhesive and skilled fitting methods.

Whilst this can be seen as a simple job for a relatively skilled self-builder, there’s a lot that can go wrong. If your floor isn’t level, or the walls are too thick, it can affect the rest of your build.

We have a wide selection of quality carpets, suede and flooring available to look at in our workshop, and we’re happy to give advice if you only want us to do part of the work for you.

Insulation and sound deadening

All vehicles come from the manufacturer with a small amount of sound deadening applied, which is designed to cut vibrations while driving and stop the panels from making a noise, but this doesn’t block out road noise or help you get a good night’s sleep on a busy campsite. Panel vans, in particular, have very little sound deadening as standard.

Good insulation will keep you warm at night as the heat and cold exchange between the outside of the van and the inside is lessened. Moisture or vapour barrier prevents moisture created by rain-soaked clothing, cooking, or even breathing from entering the panel sections, running down internal structures, and corroding the bottom of the vehicle.

Talk to us about how you want to use your van, and we’ll recommend the levels of sound deadening and insulation you’ll need.

Our Camper Van Services

We build full and partial camper van conversions, conversion packages, bespoke designs & custom van interiors, pop-top roofs and canvas replacements. We’re experts at electrical, gas and lighting solutions and can replace and upgrade older systems. 
Yes, we’re all about old-school values, but we also have the up-to-date skills, expertise and vision to know exactly what you and your van need. Our builds are all about safety, and we’ll only install high-quality, well-built equipment. We care about sustainability and the environment and will use local and UK-sourced products wherever possible.

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Beds and Seats

Beds & Seats


Kitchens & Appliances

 heat light power

Heat, Lights & Power

 windows and blinds

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